Introduction to Netent

Netent is one of the most respected game providers currently available. The company serves land-based casinos and online casinos alike. The company started operation in 1996 and has since grown to what it has become. If you want to get access to the best bonus deals, check out

Although the company started operation in 1996, they only received their license to operate in 2006. Their story to the limelight came to be when they released Gonzo's quest in 2010 which led to major deals. Thinking of starting your own online casino, you should check out pwsmortgage

Overview of Playtech

Playtech is another huge player when it comes to the gambling world. This encompasses landbased casinos and online casinos. The company is currently been traded in the stock market since 2006. However, the company started operation in 1999. Their growth, however, does not come as a surprise as they climbed to the top easily

There was long term initiative that was created along their growth phase to cater for recruits and easily assimilate them into the process and get them up to speed. The company has acquired over 14 companies which are majorly software companies. Playtech's approach is to dominate by rapid expansion.

Differences in the two companies.

Playtech has the policy to complete dominate the market, this is the reason all their distributors are not allowed to host other games apart from the ones provided by Playtech. However, Netent is more open in its approach and this is the reason you find games from there providers listed with Netent.

However, the workforce of Netent is nothing compared to Playtech. Netent has over 1000 employees while Playtech boasts of over 5, 000 employees. This gap in the workforce is very huge. If you look further Paytech is in operation in more countries than Netent. On an average Playtech trades higher than Netent.

Which provider to choose

As you must have seen above that Netent and Playtech have their areas fo weakness and strength. Playtech has grown to be a formidable organisation with ever-growing tentacles to reach limits never known before. However, Netent is more focused on releasing interesting games that catch the attention of players

However, your choice will be based on your focus. If you are a player and thinking of just gambling, Netent is your ultimate choice. However, if you are an investor and looking to invest, Playtech has more hint at growing based on the structure they have created for the company.

Final thoughts on the companies

When looking at their offerings, the two companies are amazing. If you play any of their games, you will definitely enjoy the games. However, Netent is more appealing to players and have different programmes for players to enjoy. Netent also has a wealth of experience and has been in the industry for long.

Playtech organisational advances are however unmatchable. They stand as one of the top traded game providers in the world. They have a growing workforce to prove their ultimate superiorly. However, Netent games are much easier and straightforward. Players should go for Netent games while investors should go for Playtech